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Throw-a-thon Video

Ahhh… a new website is live. I suppose that in itself is the newest creative endeavour I’ve done, but since that seems like a cheat, (and it’s not quite finished), here’s a video I put together earlier this year as part of a recap of the Kid’s Help Phone fundraiser that was done by the Jiu-jitsu students of BCIT. It was a sponsored throw and raffle event that raised some money. Watch the video for the recap.
I used Final Cut Pro X for this, with a motion template I had built earlier for a Rick Mercer style rant done by the fundraiser organizer Kevin Eugene. I’ll post it later.

This one was definitely a little slapped together as it had to be quickly made over the course of an afternoon in time for a party celebrating the end of the semester. I think that comes through in the inconsistent use of the supers. If I were to redo the event, I’d definitely get a second camera in there if I could, though I think I used the still shots to pretty good effect. There’s also a great typo in the special thanks credits for Andrew Cool…

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