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Judo Throwing for Stunt Performers

My project from earlier this week is finally finished. I give you: Judo-Style Throwing (& Falling) for Stunt Performers.This promotional video was shot with three HD cameras of varying quality using tripods.

I used Final Cut Pro X’s multiple camera editing, so all the shots simple switch angles, rather than have actual hard edits with multiple takes. That’s not to say we didn’t do multiple takes. Generally we did a technique two or three times each then I simply chose the best technique. Except for the technique in which Lori does a back flip out of the throw and then throws me in a rice bale throw. That was done in one take, and if you look closely, you can see she kicks me in the groin in the process. One day I’ll put together a huge outtake reel of all the punishment I’ve taken at video shoots.

Any camera shake was was due to the floor shaking the tripod. I opted not to remove it and left it in for effect. What’s amusing is a stunt performer who viewed the film thought it was a cheesy special effect. I chuckled when I found out. Nope, we just throw that hard… and are using a tripod on a sprung floor. Not ideal for stable shots.

The end screens were done using a motion template i had edited for colour and background image for a previous project I did several months ago.

The music came from Apple’s iLife loops.

You can check out the project live, at it’s new home, Judo-Style Throwing for Stunt Performers. And yes, it’s available in brilliant HD.

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