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Winnipeg’s Mayor Should Stop Whining

So Air Canada decided to move their flight crews to hotels stationed outside of downtown Winnipeg because of safety concerns. Winnipeg, sometimes called Winterpeg and Murderpeg by those who mock it, has a mayor that is in an uproar over the message it sends.

“If Air Canada’s making that kind of statement I think they should be, you know, up front and say exactly what it is that they’re saying as opposed to letting us all try and read into what it is they are saying,” Katz said.

Really? You don’t think this bulletin wasn’t clear? They think your city is UNSAFE, and to protect their employees, are moving them outside of the danger zone. I think it’s pretty clear why they’re doing it. That it sends a signal that you city is unsafe is unfortunate, but they didn’t make the decision in order to send a message, so stop your whining and take care of the problem.

The Winnipeg Police Services helped conduct the security review. What is more telling, that they decided to move, or that your own police service helped them reach that decision?

Don’t whine about how unfair it is that people are avoiding your downtown because it’s not safe. Do something about it.

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