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The Conservatives Need A New Name

The Conservative Party of Canada is in need of some new branding. Not because they’re scandal plagued, or constantly making mistakes, more because I think their current name is grossly inaccurate. While the Tories have proven to be socially conservative, with back benchers lamenting gay rights and trying to open up the issue of a woman’s right to make choices about their own body,  they have failed to live up to the conservative moniker in their fiscal policy.

Fiscal conservatives believe in paying down the debt, working towards a balanced budget, and keeping expenditures and acquisitions in line.

Aside from saving a hundred million over several years in removing benefits from immigrants, (then almost immediately backtracking on pieces of it), this has been a government of spending increases more in line with a fiscally irresponsible teenager, buying expensive luxury items while mortgaging their future education.

Cuts to science and research departments within the government that are a drop in the bucket for savings, but devastate the government’s ability to develop policy based on verifiable truths are used to garner a perception of balance against historical increases in spending in defense, and policy decisions that will drive up the costs of housing criminals and further in-debt our country are the norm. Who are they fooling? A few hundred million in savings garnered from destroying a federal department will not pay the billions, (no final figure actually known) for fighter jets, and increase incarceration.

It could of course pay for the outlandish spending habits of cabinet ministers, who show no regrets for charging taxpayers $16 for a glass of orange juice, or get rides in search and rescue helicopters on their vacations.

The Americans have a great word for those who show a serious lack of logic and scientific thought; who rather make decisions based on their skewed moral beliefs rather than factual analysis of problems. Who claim to be conservative but spend worse than those they label socialists and communists. Who twist logic so perversely in an attempt to explain increase gang membership in prisons as a positive result of their tough on crime legislation.

They’re called Republicans.

And I find it truly terrifying that they seem to have taken over the right in Canada.

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