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Redistribute Seats Possible?

The Liberals are proposing redistributing the existing MP’s in the House of Commons to make up for the underreprenstation by region instead of bringing in a slew of new seats.

CBC has a nice chart showing the change in representation using the plan comparing it to the Conservatives. The NDP used the opportunity to say if the Liberals were really about saving money they’d support abolishing the Senate. The Conservatives blasted it, I imagine, without evening looking at it, because it’s not their idea.

Leave it to the NDP to bring up something not even remotely related, and the Conservatives to blast the plan and give brilliant quotes that show a complete lack of thought.

The plan is brilliant. I think it’s a creative approach to addressing the issue of under presentation during a period where the government should be cutting costs,  not increasing them. I don’t recall there being any real public outcry asking for more seats or representation in the public, and the Conservatives complete objection to the plan without even discussing it just shows the entire thing is a manufactured issue.

I wish the Conservatives would just pretend to think about good ideas before outright rejecting them.

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