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No Straight Answers on Student Ejections

If you haven’t been paying attention, I’ll cut right to the chase. Two students attending a Conservative rally with Harper in attendance were thrown out over ties to the Liberal Party. One of the students had a picture of herself with Michael Ignatieff. The 19-year-old in question was trying to hear each leader speak to see why she should vote for them. The entire controversy has caused the RCMP to issue an apology, and re-iterate to their officers that it’s not their responsibility to help remove people from these rallies, unless of course they’re a security threat..

The Conservatives continue to play ignore the question from the press while being repeatedly hammered about the screening process they are using for their rallies.

Take a look at the following links for an idea on how they’re handling it:

Conservatives try to explain student ejections from rallies

This second one, an interview with Harper himself, is even more vexing, as he continually tries to claim that because so many people want to attend, they’re having to turn people away.

The Politics of Squirrel

Liberal leader Ignatieff took a few shots at the Conservatives saying that ejecting people from a rally seems undemocratic and un-Canadian, so of course, John Baird came to Harper’s defense and completely misled everyone by trying to make it sound like he called Harper un-Canadian.

John Baird, he stands on guard for Harper

Yes, all these articles are from CBC, an organization people regularly lambast for being too liberal. But, I think the quotes and the dialogue speak for themselves. And if you think they are too left leaning, then how about this article from the National Post?

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