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Harper Government Destroying Democracy

So the Harper government broke the law, and went ahead and disbanded the Canadian Wheat Board in a brutal over reach of authority. The legislation of the Canadian Wheat Board specifically required consultation with the farmers, so that no one government could quickly kill the wheat board in a rash act.

The Harper government knowing it did not necessarily have the support of farmers went ahead and dissolved the 70 year old Wheat Board and ignored the legislation. Their rationale is in a nutshell, that no legislation can stop the government from making legislation, so it doesn’t matter if they’r breaking the law, because they’re above the law.

WOW. So basically they’re saying there are no restrictions on legislation. None. Does this include the Charter of Rights & Freedoms? It certainly prevents the government from passing legislation, so I’m going to go ahead and say yes.

Anyone else feel a cold chill?

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