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FaceBook Privacy Too Late…

I would say, it’s about time, but in reality it’s probably too late.

Facebook has finally, after many grievous and brutal breaches of users trust and their own published policies, settled with the American Federal Trade Commission. It had faced charges that it had deceived consumers to share more personal information than they had originally agreed.

I don’t think anyone can argue that point. They added new features then turned on the sharing features without our consent, and shared plenty of information that we did not explicitly agree to with people we had not approved.

But the new changes, meaning that facebook actually has to get users explicit permission before changing their settings on them, is a little late for most of the long term users, since it’s the internet. Once the information is out and leaked, it’s not put back in. It’s not like the settlement means that advertisers who have collected your information are going to give it back.

This really is a matter of closing the barn door once the horses have fled. This cat can’t be put back in the bag, or any other number of clichés that fit quite nicely here.

Nope, the damage for most of us is done. The only thing this does is make it look like it won’t happen again.

And with face book’s track record, I wouldn’t count on it.

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