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Conservative Government Railroading Canadian Wheat Board

The Federal government, in their rush to dismantle the long standing Canadian Wheat Board is holding late night committee meetings to hear testimony so it can claim due diligence and continue pushing the legislation through parliament.

The Conservatives have already justified limiting debate in the house on the issue by saying western wheat farmers need certainty before entering the 2012 growing season. Well, it turns out that the legislation that formed the board in the first place had some protection built in, to keep hasty decisions from being too easy.

Section 47 of the Canadian Wheat Board Act says a minister can only change legislation after adequately consulting the board and holding a vote to obtain the mandate from Prairie wheat farmers.

The Canadian Wheat Board has launched a lawsuit challenging the the government on their failure to take that aspect of the law into account.

I wish the Wheat Board good luck. I’m tired of hearing about how the Conservatives continue to ramrod legislation through the house with out allowing ample debate or a chance for anyone to even read the entire bill.

I also applaud Ontario and Québec for taking a stand and saying they won’t pay for the Crime Omnibus bill because its taking the wrong approach and all the costs will fall to them. I don’t know what affect this will have, but the growing dissent with the unilateral actions of the Conservative government really calls out for a strong opposition with a leader to take the reigns of government next election.

It’s time to start hoping for a Liberal miracle, because the only disaster I can imagine worse than the current governing Conservatives would be an NDP majority.

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