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Conservative Government of Canada “We are the Law”

So, Québec has become the voice of reason, the Conservatives appear to be breaking the law in the way they are dismantling the Canadian Wheat Board, and now they’re ignoring their own hiring requirements for a top government job that is assigned for ten years. 

Canada has become a very scary and wacky place since the Conservatives won their majority earlier this year. I can’t think of a time I agreed with Québec and their rational in any national issue, but they seem to be the only sane place left in Canada. That should be pretty telling.

Québec claims the lowest recidivist rate in Canada amongst its criminal element. This means their policies are probably working. Texas on the other hand, has a very high recidivism rate, and as such, has changed their tack, and is using similar policies to Quebec due to both the lower cost, and higher success rate. 

Which direction does Ottawa and the Western provinces want to take? The old Texas solution – lock ’em up and throw away the key. Which is insane. Especially in BC. This is a province where the courts are so backed up that drunk drivers that have killed people are getting off free because it’s taking too long for their cases to get to court. And Premier Christy wants more mandatory jail sentences and lengthy criminal cases? I’m sorry, but I think she might be an idiot.

Ontario opposes the legislation, but not because it’s inherently wrong, but because it costs more. I think it’s a slightly more pragmatic approach in that they know the Harper government isn’t going to change its mind, but if they whine enough, maybe they’ll get more money to help pay for it.

And now the Conservatives have chosen an Auditor General that doesn’t fit the basic requirements as laid out by the government. He’ll be the first Parliamentary Officer who is not bilingual.

This sets a pretty shoddy precedent for the public service, which is required to be bilingual in many cases. It also pretty inconsistent for a government that claims to believe in law and order. The rules don’t seem to apply to them. 

I have to back the Liberals on this one – it’s a slimy move that reeks of cronyism.

And with both the railroading of the Canadian Wheat Board in what may be an illegal introduction of legislation, and now the appointment of an unqualified Auditor General, a position that really should have bipartisan support and some distance from the governing party, the Conservatives are showing both a disdain for law and government.

Also, heads up, there are some exploding toothbrushes out there.

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