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Concussion Law and Agreeing with NDP?

BC Liberal MLA Moira Stilwell is making an attempt at further developing a nanny state in BC with the introduction of new legislation that she says would prevent concussions in young athletes.

The private members bill would require a young athlete to be removed from play if a concussion is suspected.

Now, how removing someone from play after a concussion has occurred is supposed to prevent a concussion, I’m not too sure. The only thing it can prevent is the escalation of the severity of a concussion, which is wise, but I think common sense is probably better for dictating that sort of decision rather than a police officer.

I mean really, we just started laying charges in connection to the Vancouver riots, in which we had plenty of photo and video evidence. We have a huge new crime bill about to be shoved down the provinces throats, and our justice system is already so backed up drunk drivers who kill people are getting off scott free. You think the police are going to have time to investigate when little Timmy bumped his head, and got back into the game? The rhetorical answer for those of you who don’t understand sarcasm is no.

Not to mention that introducing a law is probably the dumbest way to try and manage something of this nature, especially when concussions are still a difficult injury to understand and measure.

I agree with the NDP’s Peggy Nash that Canada is moving in the wrong direction, becoming more combative. I also agree sales taxes shouldn’t be raised. That’s where my agreement ends. Her views on exploring the Bank of Canada’s monetary policy are uninformed, and even changing the expectation of their policy can actually impact the economics pressures on inflation. Thankfully, she’s leadership hopeful, not a front runner, so we probably don’t have to worry too much. If ever she gets in power, hopefully someone smarter than her will tell her to shut the hell up.

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