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Christy Clark’s Actions & Message Contradictory

BC Premier Christy Clark’s “Family First” platform is flawed. And maybe it’s not even the platform that’s flawed so much as the name.

BC is in serious trouble. One of the more troubling problems facing BC is the breakdown of the justice system. Criminal court cases are being stayed, charges dropped, and “alleged” criminals are going free, because of the delay in getting cases to trial. This is due to a lack of prosecutors and judges across the province. Now, the Attorney General, Barry Penner, and his department have reduced the number of hours Sheriff’s are working, reducing the number of Sheriff’s available for security, and causing judges to cancel cases due to security concerns.

AG Penner would have you believe that it’s a tough economy and they just don’t have the resources. I don’t doubt they’re not getting enough money, but the justice system is not a business – economic downturns are not an excuse for poor performance. The government needs to step in and give the AG’s department more money.

Clark has offered to toss money toward funding a parade in Vancouver if the Canucks win the Stanley Cup. She has also made parking free in BC parks. And the government has pledged $13.375 million to assist in a new Ronald’s McDonald’s children house. While the cause is just, it’s a private charity, a fairly large one, and government has no role in spending tax payer dollars on these charities. If British Columbians want to support a private charity, they can do so on their own. Citizens of BC would be much happier to see that the institutions that the government ARE responsible for are adequately funded.

And it’s not just criminals getting off that’s offensive. It’s the wasted money and resources that go into catching criminals, in acquiring proof to prosecute, the expensive policing we pay for, all of which, goes to waste when a criminal gets off because his trial wasn’t fast enough.

Private charities, public parades, parking, these are things the government should have no role in funding. Let the private sector handle them.

So Ms. Clark, please, the people of BC are begging you, stick to the stuff the private sector can’t supply, like say, judges and sheriffs, and help protect the families you claim to cherish from all the criminals who are getting off scot-free.

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