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Bankrupt BC?

I’d like to rant at how the 54.73 per cent of British Columbians who voted to scrap the HST are idiots, who’ve effectively bankrupted this province. But, while, I think they’re misinformed, don’t understand the complicated issue of taxation, or basic economics, I can’t really blame them for voting with their hearts instead of their brains. Was there bigger picture thinking going on here? No. But at least they voted.

How about the nearly half of registered BC voters who didn’t vote at all? They’re definitely idiots. Not caring is not an excuse. You should care. This is your province, which is now essentially barreling towards chapter 11, because you couldn’t take half an hour to do some simple research, come up with an opinion, then take another five minutes to scratch an X, and stick a couple of envelopes inside of each other.

This is your fault. Now, approximately a quarter of the province successfully doomed BC, and effectively tripled the deficit.

Yeah, and what’s more, the government is stupid for letting it happen. There are times when the government needs to tell the people to shove it, and this is one of those times. Let the bleeding hearts bleed.

You’re making tax policy based on the opinion of a quarter of the voting populace. That’s terrible governance. Ask California. Those guys are in serious financial trouble because they let their people vote on tax policy directly. It’s a failed experiment, and the last thing BC should be doing is following in those footsteps toward the poor house.

So, yes, I’m angry at the short sighted twits who killed the HST. I’m more angry at the uncaring majority that doomed our province with their lazy inaction. And I’m absolutely furious at the terrible leadership of the provincial government that really needs to step in and tell the people how it needs to be.

Show some leadership – point out it was a minority of voters that voted to scrap the tax, then suck it up, deal with the fallout, and get back to running the province and stop governing like you’re campaigning for an election.

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