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A Quick Update for January 2013

I’ve had my nose to the grind for the past while, and my creative endeavours have been in promotional stuff. I have a long awaited review of a book coming up that I need to finish as well as a return to writing, as the political season gets underway post Christmas.

Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve been up to since the last update in November.  I penned the following articles, listed from oldest to most recent:

The Importance of Instinct in Threat Assessment
Staying Aware: Warning Signs Preceding an Assault
How Not to Get HIT: A Book Review
How to Mentally Focus in Martial Arts Training
Zombies, Run! 5K Training for iPhone Review
Shifting Perspectives: In & Out of the Dojo – Nidan Essay by Chris Olson
12 Years So Far in Jiu-jitsu

I also put together the video seen in this article: My 36th Year Birthday Bounce. The actual video is nothing special with no real special video effects, though putting the supers for the throw count was tedious. If you watch the video, skip to the end for the crazier throws.

I was thinking I hadn’t written anything in a while, but researching what I had actually published shows I have written 7 articles over the period of two months where I also created 2 instructional DVDs, did a fair bit of website work and spent a lot of time working security shifts. (I even created a redesign of this site which still needs finishing.) Not too bad. Now that things will lighten up come February, I hope to get back to writing in earnest.

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