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Eyes Deep in a Current Project

It’s been pretty quiet the last two weeks on the creative side. I’ve been working on a DVD project that’s not yet  complete. I’m working towards putting together the curriculum for Can-ryu Jiu-jitsu as taught at Pacific Wave Jiu-jitsu. Filming of the first two belt levels was completed a couple of weeks ago using 3 cameras, and I’m using Final Cut Pro X to put together 2 projects, one for each belt.  It’s a fairly straight forward project as this intention of this video is more as a reference guide, rather than a straight instructional video, and is targeted to students who have already seen the material in class. The supers are light, just indicating the names of the techniques, and I’m just providing a couple of angles for the techniques where it makes sense. All in all, a straight forward project.

I’ve also penned one article for the Pacific Wave Jiu-jitsu blog, entitled, When Establishing Control, Grab Like You Mean It, which examines the important of a strong, intent driven grip when applying techniques in in training and in real world application.

On the provincial politics sides, I’m further worried that the recent infighting of the Conservative Party of BC as ruined my (admittedly far-fetched) dreams of a non-NDP party taking office next year. BC is financially doomed.

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