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Nerf Warz: Dinner’s On

This was a project that took a weekend (in length) to shoot – 1 eight hour day with 2 4-hour days, shot obviously on an iPhone 6s without proper lighting or an app that would allow for manual light balancing. The terrible lighting of a usual house with few windows is apparent, and even the magic of Final Cut Pro X was unable to fix it. It also shows I need more work on my light grading technique. I didn’t really have time to spend cleaning it up, or I’m sure it could be much better.

The rough edit was done in the most recent version of iMovie and then I took it from the first editor and tightened it up a bit using FCPX, did the colour correction, added or adjusted sound and sound effects. I also created a sound track using Garage Band 10. This is the first longer bit of musical work I’ve ever done, and the first creative music work I’ve done in two years. It took about three hours to put together.

For your perusal:

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Humorous “Making of” Video

I forgot to share this… 

The music was mixed using GarageBand and looping. The video was editing with FCPX 10.0.7, and the footage was a mixture of pro camera shots, the usual video camera, and one interview done with an iPhone. I’m sure you can tell which one. 

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At Long Last Book Out Now

My wife’s book, “When the Fight Goes to the Ground: Jiu-jitsu Strategies and Tactics for Self-Defense” is now out. I did a promotional video. While the quality of the interview and the video clips aren’t my best work, I am quite happy with the music which was composed using Garageband. Maybe I have an aptitude for music composition? You can watch the video below.


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A Quick Update for January 2013

I’ve had my nose to the grind for the past while, and my creative endeavours have been in promotional stuff. I have a long awaited review of a book coming up that I need to finish as well as a return to writing, as the political season gets underway post Christmas.

Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve been up to since the last update in November.  I penned the following articles, listed from oldest to most recent:

The Importance of Instinct in Threat Assessment
Staying Aware: Warning Signs Preceding an Assault
How Not to Get HIT: A Book Review
How to Mentally Focus in Martial Arts Training
Zombies, Run! 5K Training for iPhone Review
Shifting Perspectives: In & Out of the Dojo – Nidan Essay by Chris Olson
12 Years So Far in Jiu-jitsu

I also put together the video seen in this article: My 36th Year Birthday Bounce. The actual video is nothing special with no real special video effects, though putting the supers for the throw count was tedious. If you watch the video, skip to the end for the crazier throws.

I was thinking I hadn’t written anything in a while, but researching what I had actually published shows I have written 7 articles over the period of two months where I also created 2 instructional DVDs, did a fair bit of website work and spent a lot of time working security shifts. (I even created a redesign of this site which still needs finishing.) Not too bad. Now that things will lighten up come February, I hope to get back to writing in earnest.

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Handcuffing, Tests & Ball Shots

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve written a couple of articles on the Pacific Wave Jiu-jitsu blog. The most recent one, Overcoming Muscle Memory to Incorporate New Martial Arts Skills, involves handcuffs. 😉

There is also an article comparing the advantages & disadvantages of Scheduled Group Tests  & Individual Tests in the Martial Arts. And the back in early September I wrote an article on How to Take a Shot to the Groin. That last article is a great one, as it revisits a video I made of me getting repeatedly hit in the groin as part of the Nutty Buddy Groin Protector review I wrote back in May. You can see the video below. I’m particularly happy with how the music played out.

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Instructor Promo Video

A couple of months ago we decided to put together an instructional speed video of us as instructors at Pacific Wave Jiu-jitsu. While I’m happy that the video turned out well, this being my first multi-camera project, I wouldn’t mind reshooting it with faster performance of the technique. It was shot with 2 cameras, the main camera being a Panasonic HDC-TM700. The second camera was an HD capable Sony Handycam I borrowed from a student. All camera shake in the film is from the actual shaking of the cameras from the force of the throws. 


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Judo Throwing for Stunt Performers

My project from earlier this week is finally finished. I give you: Judo-Style Throwing (& Falling) for Stunt Performers.This promotional video was shot with three HD cameras of varying quality using tripods.


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Throw-a-thon Video

Ahhh… a new website is live. I suppose that in itself is the newest creative endeavour I’ve done, but since that seems like a cheat, (and it’s not quite finished), here’s a video I put together earlier this year as part of a recap of the Kid’s Help Phone fundraiser that was done by the Jiu-jitsu students of BCIT. It was a sponsored throw and raffle event that raised some money. Watch the video for the recap.
I used Final Cut Pro X for this, with a motion template I had built earlier for a Rick Mercer style rant done by the fundraiser organizer Kevin Eugene. I’ll post it later.

This one was definitely a little slapped together as it had to be quickly made over the course of an afternoon in time for a party celebrating the end of the semester. I think that comes through in the inconsistent use of the supers. If I were to redo the event, I’d definitely get a second camera in there if I could, though I think I used the still shots to pretty good effect. There’s also a great typo in the special thanks credits for Andrew Cool…

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