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Dear TeamBuy

To Whom It May Concern,

It has now been 96 days since TeamBuy told me this order could not be cancelled as it had already been shipped to me. Most recently, over ten days ago, I was told yet again that it would arrive shortly.

I have decided to to figure out how long the shipping should have taken***, on the assumption that the electronics factory where the device was being constructed was located at the very peak of Mount Everest and that you were using the slowest reasonable shipping options available.

Assuming it’s being transported by a Sherpa in no general rush, it would take about 14 days from the summit of Everest to Namache Bazar. From Namche Bazar, it’s another 2 day hike to Kukla Airport. From there the only option would be a 1 day transport flight to Kathmandu.

After that it’s a one day trip by truck across the border, (really 15 minutes) from Kathmandu, and then from there a train to Mumbai. From there, taking a freighter from Mumbai to San Francisco is a 22 day sail.

Then 2 days of truck travel to Vancouver. From there 2 days from distribution centre to delivery.

Then let’s add in 5 days for customs at each international crossing. Nepal to India, India to the US, US to Canada. (15).

That takes us to 58 days. By this shipping estimate, in another two weeks I could have received two of these since I placed the original order.

Any chance you can just give me my refund now? I think sufficient time has elapsed that we can call this a farce, and that i’m not getting the product.

***Based on a cursory internet search. All times are estimates and in no way should be considered accurate.

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