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Take Some Action – Don’t Just Whine

Section 34 of the recently introduced Online Surveillance bill allows government agents, (doesn’t have to be police), completely unfettered access to your online information through your internet service provider.

Don’t want to take my word for it? Then take Terry Milewski’s word for it. The longtime political reporter for the CBC has a great breakdown of the worst parts of the legislation here.

So what can you do? Without getting up and even leaving your computer, you can do the following:

  • EMAIL YOUR MP. The Parliament of Canada has a great website where you can easily find out your member of parliament’s contact details and send them an email. Find your MP now!
  • SIGN THE PETITION: Is writing an Email, or a letter too hard? Then sign an electronic petition. Go to, where you can sign the petition through a an easily filled form.
  • SHARE IT! Share this message through Twitter, FaceBook and Email. The more Canadians that get involved, the better the chance that the government will actually notice.

All of these things will take less than five minutes of your time.

If you stick your head in the sand, then the government will get away without whatever they want. When freedoms are given away, they are not easy to get back. A message needs to be send.

Come on Canada, make some noise.

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New Surveillance Bill May Breach Charter

CBC is reporting that the online surveillance bill may breach privacy law & the charter, according to critics and experts.

Cough cough. CALLED IT!

In fact, I beat the CBC by over a 24 hours.

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Big Brother Is Getting Bigger

Internet Privacy is back on the table again. And as per usual, it’s being rushed through the House of Commons, since the Conservatives would rather not have the public pay too much attention to what they’re up to.

In fact, in announcing that they were introducing the new laws which would allow law enforcement to demand sensitive and identifying information from ISP’s without a warrant, the Conservatives launched the first salvo saying if you opposed the bill you’re on the side of child pornographers.

Really. So almost every provincial privacy commissioner, along with the federal privacy commissioner, whom have raised grave concerns over the looming legislation, are on the side of child pornographers. Every Canadian who thinks that the government shouldn’t be snooping through their internet packets without justifiable cause, is on the side of those who victimize and exploit the most vulnerable. Really. Wow. That’s a pretty big blanket statement. (more…)

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10 Years to Buy New SAR Planes…

… and yet it took the Conservatives only months to justify billions for new prisons, and create the need for them by removing judicial discretion in sentencing for crimes that used to be dealt with through treatment and rehabilitation.

Yes, it took nearly a decade to OK 3.6 billion, probably millions of hours of study and discussion, but the Conservatives introduced legislation, then limited discussion over the course of a few months to spend what has been estimated to be at least $8 billion on new super prisons.

The difference is one was a practical decision on something we needed versus a decision that was made purely for ideological reasons with no basis on facts. More proof it’s easy to make a decision when you don’t care about information and live in an ideological bubble.


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