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Nerf Warz: Dinner’s On

This was a project that took a weekend (in length) to shoot – 1 eight hour day with 2 4-hour days, shot obviously on an iPhone 6s without proper lighting or an app that would allow for manual light balancing. The terrible lighting of a usual house with few windows is apparent, and even the magic of Final Cut Pro X was unable to fix it. It also shows I need more work on my light grading technique. I didn’t really have time to spend cleaning it up, or I’m sure it could be much better.

The rough edit was done in the most recent version of iMovie and then I took it from the first editor and tightened it up a bit using FCPX, did the colour correction, added or adjusted sound and sound effects. I also created a sound track using Garage Band 10. This is the first longer bit of musical work I’ve ever done, and the first creative music work I’ve done in two years. It took about three hours to put together.

For your perusal:

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