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Difference Between Need & Desire

The Canadian Association of Police Chiefs recently renewed their call on the federal government to pass its controversial, (and possibly charter breaching), internet surveillance bill. Their argument is the tools provided will make them more able to fight cybercrime.

Association president, and Vancouver police chief Jim Chu is afraid that the bill will die on the order paper, leaving police with the requirement of a warrant to conduct wiretaps and internet surveillance.

Originally included in the first crime omnibus bill, Bill C-30 was removed due to the massive public backlash. Section 34 especially created a large controversy, with concerns that this would give not just police, but any government appointed agents unlimited power in eavesdropping on Canadians within the digital realm. ISP’s would be required to track their customers, and would have to hand over all information without need for a warrant, judicial oversight, or even the pre-tense of a criminal investigation.


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When “Bully” Isn’t A Strong Enough Word

The tragic story of Amanda Todd is long, and painful. The issues which her story brings up is so much more complex than our 24 hour news cycle media can ever hope to tackle, and so I highly recommend an article written by Lori O’Connell, which better illustrates the complexity of the issues of Cyber-bullying, and why bullying doesn’t convey a strong enough connotation for those who victimized Amanda Todd.

Please read, “The Misnomer of Cyber Bullying & the Tragic Story of Amanda Todd,” and get a bette sense at how much bigger this is than a simple  sound bite, or a useless debate in Parliament.

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Eyes Deep in a Current Project

It’s been pretty quiet the last two weeks on the creative side. I’ve been working on a DVD project that’s not yet  complete. I’m working towards putting together the curriculum for Can-ryu Jiu-jitsu as taught at Pacific Wave Jiu-jitsu. Filming of the first two belt levels was completed a couple of weeks ago using 3 cameras, and I’m using Final Cut Pro X to put together 2 projects, one for each belt.  It’s a fairly straight forward project as this intention of this video is more as a reference guide, rather than a straight instructional video, and is targeted to students who have already seen the material in class. The supers are light, just indicating the names of the techniques, and I’m just providing a couple of angles for the techniques where it makes sense. All in all, a straight forward project.

I’ve also penned one article for the Pacific Wave Jiu-jitsu blog, entitled, When Establishing Control, Grab Like You Mean It, which examines the important of a strong, intent driven grip when applying techniques in in training and in real world application.

On the provincial politics sides, I’m further worried that the recent infighting of the Conservative Party of BC as ruined my (admittedly far-fetched) dreams of a non-NDP party taking office next year. BC is financially doomed.

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Handcuffing, Tests & Ball Shots

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve written a couple of articles on the Pacific Wave Jiu-jitsu blog. The most recent one, Overcoming Muscle Memory to Incorporate New Martial Arts Skills, involves handcuffs. 😉

There is also an article comparing the advantages & disadvantages of Scheduled Group Tests  & Individual Tests in the Martial Arts. And the back in early September I wrote an article on How to Take a Shot to the Groin. That last article is a great one, as it revisits a video I made of me getting repeatedly hit in the groin as part of the Nutty Buddy Groin Protector review I wrote back in May. You can see the video below. I’m particularly happy with how the music played out.

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Instructor Promo Video

A couple of months ago we decided to put together an instructional speed video of us as instructors at Pacific Wave Jiu-jitsu. While I’m happy that the video turned out well, this being my first multi-camera project, I wouldn’t mind reshooting it with faster performance of the technique. It was shot with 2 cameras, the main camera being a Panasonic HDC-TM700. The second camera was an HD capable Sony Handycam I borrowed from a student. All camera shake in the film is from the actual shaking of the cameras from the force of the throws. 


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Judo Throwing for Stunt Performers

My project from earlier this week is finally finished. I give you: Judo-Style Throwing (& Falling) for Stunt Performers.This promotional video was shot with three HD cameras of varying quality using tripods.


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Throw-a-thon Video

Ahhh… a new website is live. I suppose that in itself is the newest creative endeavour I’ve done, but since that seems like a cheat, (and it’s not quite finished), here’s a video I put together earlier this year as part of a recap of the Kid’s Help Phone fundraiser that was done by the Jiu-jitsu students of BCIT. It was a sponsored throw and raffle event that raised some money. Watch the video for the recap.
I used Final Cut Pro X for this, with a motion template I had built earlier for a Rick Mercer style rant done by the fundraiser organizer Kevin Eugene. I’ll post it later.

This one was definitely a little slapped together as it had to be quickly made over the course of an afternoon in time for a party celebrating the end of the semester. I think that comes through in the inconsistent use of the supers. If I were to redo the event, I’d definitely get a second camera in there if I could, though I think I used the still shots to pretty good effect. There’s also a great typo in the special thanks credits for Andrew Cool…

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BC Needs A New Party

In Canada provincial and federal parties of the same name don’t have very tight affiliations in most cases. They’re separate entities despite sharing names and often core values.

That being said, the BC Liberal party certainly seems to have something in common with the Federal Liberals in that they’ve brought about their own demise through scandal, mismanagement and arrogance. This had led to a crisis in BC, where Premiere Christy Clark is now facing a mass exodus of experienced MLA’s. This fleeing of the shrinking ship, (and the imagery of rats diving into water seems awfully appropriate while discussing politics,) is not only a disaster for the Premiere, but for British Columbians as well. (more…)

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The Conservatives Need A New Name

The Conservative Party of Canada is in need of some new branding. Not because they’re scandal plagued, or constantly making mistakes, more because I think their current name is grossly inaccurate. While the Tories have proven to be socially conservative, with back benchers lamenting gay rights and trying to open up the issue of a woman’s right to make choices about their own body,  they have failed to live up to the conservative moniker in their fiscal policy.

Fiscal conservatives believe in paying down the debt, working towards a balanced budget, and keeping expenditures and acquisitions in line. (more…)

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Toews Should Be Fired

I’m sitting around a boardroom table, talking with my fellow managers at my company. The staff of my department has drawn up a plan to help the company combat worker theft. I pitch this plan as a progressive and necessary way to deal with the very real threat of worker theft.

One of my colleagues pipes up.

“Look I have some concerns that this might be violating our workers privacy, it might be going to far, and might even be illegal.” (more…)

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